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From 2016 to 2019 we took part in Northampton in Bloom - mostly with our ShoePlant initiative but also guerilla gardening around St Giles. We look forward to taking part again when Bloom resumes.

  • 2019 we won Gold and the Judges Award from East Midlands in Bloom - working with Northampton BID - an ambitious target of 100 pairs of ShoePlants for the Business Community.

  • 2018 we were awarded Gold in Northampton in Bloom - we started working with Northampton BID and providing ShoePlants for Shops & Offices in St Giles

  • 2017 we got Gold in Northampton in Blook and the Best Community Group Award

  • 2016 our first attempt - we were awarded Silver Gilt

ShoePlants: ShoePlants


LOCATION: Indoors or outside - do you have a wall, railing or shop window that could be a home for a ShoePlant? Here are our top tips for making your own green tribute to our shoe town heritage.

THE SHOE: Here you get to be as creative as you like - shoes, boots, trainers, wellies -  the main thing is to choose shoes with a close toe (otherwise the soil falls out). We raid cupboards for unwanted shoes and sometimes buy them from charity shops. We like the colourful ones best...but it’s up to you - it’s your ShoePlant.

THE PLANT: We use succulents in our shoes. They survive all season outside on just rain (they would be even happier if you gave them some water). You can choose different plants - maybe a cactus in a warm sunny indoor space. Just think of the shoe as a plant pot.

OUTDOOR SPACES: If you are planting somewhere a bit more public, we suggest securing shoes with cable ties before you plant them. 

PLANTING: Fill your shoe with general compost allowing enough space for your plans. We have found that it is not necessary to drill holes for drainage – she use tend to be a little leaky anyway.

CARE: The amount of attention your plant needs will depend mostly on location. In a sunny shop window you may need to water frequently. Outdoors you may not need to water at all. 

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Chonicle & Echo June 8, 2018


August 7, 2018

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